Wonder Cat, Castiel My Archangel
My Captor

The spouse calls her Dollputul. Doll and putul mean the same. Well doll. We adopted this cat from a shelter and I have not ever encounterd a pet as sharp as Castiel.

I have my own name for her- Castiel my sweet archangel. Sadly Castiel is not on the 15 list. We the fortunate do not travel with the pack.

Castiel is annoyed. she does’nt give a hoot for Cohen.

Strangely, she likes the long fomat of western classical music like Wagner and Frank Sinistra too.

Enter Mr. Sparrow, a Cat Teasepot

We have a small south facing balcony where a neem tree stands. There is a small birdhouse nailed on the wall for avian friends.

Wonder Cat, Castiel My Archangel
The Center of contention

It is spring arriving here. The sparrow wants to nest. Castiel will have none of that so the door to the balcony has to be kept shut. The cat wails inside, the sparrow screeches outside.

Our neighbors upstairs had a lovely cat called Oreo.

Oreo fell for the trap forgetting he could not fly. It was a sad moment. He plumetted to his death from the fifth floor.

Magpie Robins Enter The Arena

Picture Credits: https://www.thehindu.com/sci-tech/energy-and-environment/the-bird-that-keeps-our-spirits-up/article30748988.ece

For three seasons it was their nest. The upstart sparrow whose mate did not show up had to leave. The hissing male magpie robin did the shooing away.

Castiel is depressed now. She liked the little sparrow I think.

Moral Of This Fable

We are all Jonathan Livingston Seagulls.

Seek, you shall find.

Close your eyes, you will see.

Hold your tongue, you will hear

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