All of nature requires a balance

The mere concept of infiniy is, ahem, a bit taxxing. As my wife’s aunt, Bukkuma once told me-I cannot comprehend endlessness.

I have been on the high seas for many years. Little do I know of Stephan King, Eiensteien or there ilk. They were clever guys surely. I am no dude in fancy pants.

A Stranugulated Love

I fell in love irreversbly with Ximena in Callao, Peru.

You don’t jump ship, for love. Many have. Brave souls. We, the loveless kept crossing the waters. overcome with a strange wanderlust.

The night watch is somewhat mesmerizing.

On a clear night, in thr Southern hemisphere, The Baptist Cross, or Cruz, a spectacular constellation reachses out to help hapless sailors.

This is not a checkpoint in my story. Just in case you find yourself lost south of the Falklands, help yourself.

Tao and Hindu Philosophy

The Chinese put it up superbly- Ying and Yang.

The Hindu culture came up with a third degree.


The Dude.

He smokes weed, has a snake as a pet.

Lets collar up things

So you are a dude?

Lsten to Peter Frompton, have a shiny fender, and all. Cool, we can live with that.

Take a couple of moments off, play for this troubled world.

Thank you very much for listening.

OM Namo Shivahahe. The Cosmos will return your call.


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