For the multitude of hours spent planning out your wedding, not to miss one-minute detail, don’t forget to plan your honeymoon! Just as important as the wedding dress, guest list, invitations, and RSVPs, so is your honeymoon. With the joy and anticipation of starting your new life with the partner of your dreams, the experience of a lifetime easily trumps the time it took to plan the perfect start to your new life.

Like a, should I say it, honeymoon planner, we’ve done the legwork for you. But, of course, India is a beautiful country. So here are some destinations to put that perfect finishing touch to your wedding planning.

You may be a beach couple. Or, maybe mountains are your thing. You are perhaps encapsulating yourselves in the lap of luxury is your leaning. But, whether you choose Andamans (Neil Island) or Udaipur, you’ll have a honeymoon to remember for all time.

Gay, Merry Goa

Romantic Alluring Honeymoon Indian Destinations- A Lifetime Experience
Sunny Goa

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Fun flavored, Party soaked, honeymoon

Time seems to stand still in Goa, a super popular honeymoon destination for native newlyweds. The evenings are fun-filled, rich, and diverse.

Goa is immersed in Portuguese architecture, memorable sights, and delicious spicy vindaloo.   

The Goa retreat experience will spark hand-held walks under the shimmering moon on the beach as breathtaking as your love for each other.

Passionate must does:

  • Fort Chapora is the place to view spectacular sunsets with your sweetie.
  • Walk together on white sands, grab some drinks and laze in an intimate shack.
  • Do your dancing shoes and hit LPK (Love Passion Kara), Mamo’s, or Tito’s clubs.
  • Treat yourself to an irresistible spa treatment. After all that planning, you deserve it!

Neil Island, Sentinel of the Andamans

Romantic Alluring Honeymoon Indian Destinations- A Lifetime Experience
Captivating Neil Island, Andamans

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A Honeymoon to relax, beach stroll hand-in-hand, scuba diving, and explore aqua life together

Andamans are at the top of the list for beach honeymooners due to their memory-making appeal. White sand beaches, a touch of historical charm, and world-class water sports make lasting memories. In addition, sharing the views of beautiful lighthouses on neighboring islands is a perfect end to a perfect wedding retreat.

Passionate must does:

  • Indulge in a candlelight dinner by the beach under an awe-inspiring star-studded sky.
  • Scuba dive, snorkel and explore the enchanting marine world in crystal-clear waters.
  • Come evening, make your way to the west side of the beach, Sunset Point, for the most spectacular sunsets.

Munnar, The Jewel of Kerala

Romantic Alluring Honeymoon Indian Destinations- A Lifetime Experience
Munnar-A Paradise

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A Honeymoon To Relax, Have Fresh Coffee, And Soak In The Aromas

Experience it all in Kerala; visit coffee plantations, see the lakes and mountains and grab some exotic spices. Aromatic green tea plantations sport cozy and romantic walks with your beloved. Experience the aroma, cuddling on the entrance of one of its cottages. Basking in its unworldly charm, you will cherish and share the warm memories.

Passionate must does:

  • Pamper yourselves with a deluxe spa session.
  • Houseboat rides in Alleppey and Kumarakom are breathtaking in the palm-fringed backwaters. Champaign is a good idea here!
  • Rent a bike to experience the mountains in Wayanad. Of course, you can rent a car as well.
  • Sit on the pier beside Chinese catamarans gliding along the colorful sunset horizon.

Gulmarg, the Grand Dame of Kashmir

Romantic Alluring Honeymoon Indian Destinations- A Lifetime Experience
Gulmarg- An enchanting Ski-resort

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A Honeymoon of cool climes, panoramic vistas, and luxury

Snow-glazed vistas and mountains of Kashmir are sure to have you cozying in front of a fire. Cuddling while drinking in the vast panoramic views, Kashmir’s crystal white snow and wildflowers by Dal Lake make your experience first class. In addition, Kashmir’s local cuisine is not short of spectacular.

Passionate must does:

  • Take a dreamy Gondola ride together to see Gulmarg from 14,000 feet. Wow!
  • Enjoy fresh strawberries in Gulmarg’s Strawberry Valley.
  • Relive a scene from the movie Kashmir Ki Kali, sail by Dal Lake, where Shammi Kapoor romances Sharmila Tagore on a shikara in Srinagar.

Udaipur, The Rare Ruby of Rajasthan

Romantic Alluring Honeymoon Indian Destinations- A Lifetime Experience
Ageless Udaipur- City of Lakes

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A Honeymoon Embracing Traditional Culture, Riveting Architecture, and Tranquil Passion.

Amazing Udaipur is all old-world charm, brimming with colors and culture. Udaipur has palaces and museums to cater to your artistic side. It projects a sense of Bollywood extravaganza. You will experience the charm of the British Raj as you two walk through the street, eyeing beauty and cultures. Lively art scenes and tranquil boat rides on the sparkling lakes will undoubtedly keep the honeymoon bliss sparkling. Udaipur is a top spot for romance.

A Brief Closing

There a lot of places in India which are worth a looksee. You will be amazed at the sheer diversity. Do visit.

And by the way don’t miss New Delhi- to red more, see my post

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