Gods! Human nature is seldom capable of coping with day-to-day problems. The Gods come handy.

In Hindu mythology, there is an interesting dialogue between Arjun, a warrior of uncommon talents, and his charioteer Krishna, a divinity who interjected. This was the great battle of Mahabharat.

ARJUN-Bef0re his doubt

A brief background:

King Dhritarashtra, the ruler of Hastinapura, a blind man sired a hundred sons called the Kauravas, the mother Gandhari.

The five Pandavas were sired by Pandu. Yudishtra, Bhim and Arjun sprang from the womb of Kunti; Nakul and Sahadeva came from Madri.

But what caused this calamitous war?

Pandu and Dhritrashtra were related. The conflict was simply one of dynastic control.

‘Yudhistra’ means “King of Dharma,.”However- he had a frightful condition, gambling.”

Arjun, in the meanwhile, got bethrowed to Droupadi. His mother Kunti, a little distracted, commented, “whatever it is that you got, share with your brothers,” It was said casually, but would ceate the crux of the battle to come.

In the mean while, Yudishtra got engulfed in a game of dice with Duryodhan, the eldest of the Kauravas, spurred by his uncle, Sakhuni.

Yudishtra lost everything and even had to wager Drauadi.

In public court, they started disrobing her. Lord Krishna intervened and put their debacle to rest

The Kurekshata War followed and the horrers it unleashed

The Great War

Ammidst the goriness, the great warrior has cold feet. He stops his chariot. Head down, he asks of his charioteer, the Lord Krishna. How can I go into battle so torn, and kill my bothers?

An inspiritalism

Krishna then explains the four stages of yogic phylosophy : a compelling account of why Arjun should proceed into battle.

The path to knowlege, “jynana,” devotion, “bhakti,” meditation, “raja,.” the path to meditation. And above all, his duty to dharma (natural law and conscience).

To be concise, ” Do your duty, The consequencies are not important”. This advice is a summation of Jynana, bhakti, raja, and dharma.

Curtains- Read

The Gita is among most, an unusal text.

My grasp, it is so simple as it was meant to be.

Take environment as an example: ‘jynana’- the simple act we all do,. Not switcing off. You are done with your work for the day. You yawn, shut the lid of your computer. It is still consuming power.

“Bhakti.” De-stress Watever works for you,

“Raja.” Figure this yourslf.

“Dharma,” Tough to descibe this word To have the coviction to understand what is good or bad, and can you follow this path. If you have 10 bucks in your pocket, give it to some starving soul. Come on, you ca do without that chicken wrap.

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