Caution- This Article Contains Depictions that may be disturbing

1. Albert Fish: The Account Of An Evil Cannibal Child Killer

Hamilton Howard “Albert” Fish went by many grisly names- Werewolf of Wysteria, the Gray Man, Moon Maniac, The Boogey Man, The Brooklyn Vampire. he was one of many killers.

Fish was the most savage aberration of humankind who raped and ate children for pleasure.

The Brooklyn Vampire- Albert Fish

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The Dark Childhood of Albert Fish

Fish was born when his father was at the ripe age of 75 and passed away when Fish was four years of age. His mother was incapable of bringing him up, and Albert was flung into the brutal Saint John’s Orphanage.

The orphanage caretakers doled out regular thrashings and encouraged the children to inflict pain in their care.

Later on, Fish taught this cruelty to his children.

Strangely, Fish enjoyed these beatings. Back home after his mother took him back, Fish inflicted pain on himself in his spare time by self-afflicted beatings. Albert Fish became a classic psycho-sexual fixation case that confused pain and pleasure- a bonafide masochist.

Fish came from a family with an extended history of mental illness- his uncles, brothers, sister, and mother inclusive. In addition, his mother suffered from visual hallucinations.

The Emergence of The Deviance And Masochism Of Albert Fish

Fish soon started experimentation with sexual self-mutilation. He would embed needles into his stomach and groin, a favorite practice. Another pastime was flogging himself with a paddle studded with nails.

In 1882, an affair with a telegraph boy led him to discover that he enjoyed coprophagia (the consumption of excreta). The sight or the thought of urination gave him sexual pleasure.

In 1910, Fish met up with house painter Thomas Kedden. A sadomasochistic relationship followed. 10  days later, out of the blue, Fish locked up Kedden in an abandoned farmhouse. He cut off part of Kedden’s member, threw him a $10 bill kissing him goodbye.

It appears that this is the point where Fish’s homicidal call emerged.

Albert Fish’s Descent Into Gory Cannibalism

Despite mental sickness and deviant tastes, Fish married, fathering six children. Unfortunately, his wife ran away with a boarder as Fish’s distorted mental disorder began to surface. Luckily, their father was unharmed except for being taught some mildly sadomasochistic games.

Other children were not that lucky.

Fish slowly was getting preoccupied with the thought of cannibalism. So, like other budding cannibals, he started consuming raw meat. Outgrowing that, he began abducting children, abusing them first, then killing them and eating their flesh.

After his apprehension, Fish boasted to the police that he had children in every state. However, it is unclear whether he meant the number of children he had abused or eaten.

Fish had a clever modus operendi. He would target homeless or black children who people would not notice as missing. Another technique he employed was to scour newspapers searching for young people looking for employment. It would eventually be his death knell.

The Capture Of Albert Fish

Fish found an advertisement in a newspaper where Edward Budd, 18 years old, sought employment as a farmhand.

Fish visited the family. There he spotted Grace, Budd’s 10-year-old sister. Fish’s carnal appetite was triggered, and he decided Grace was the one he would take.

He told the parents that he was going to his niece’s birthday party and would be delighted if dear Grace would accompany him.

The poor folks consented, and watching them walk away hand in hand, little did realize they were seeing Grace for the last time.

Fish took Grace to one of his houses in Upstate New York. Subsequently, after torturing her, he snuffed her life out.

Police investigated the disappearance of Grace for six years before getting a lead. Then, finally, it came from Fish himself in a letter to her parents detailing the hideous details of her disappearance.

First, I stripped her naked. How she did kick, bite, and scratch. I choked her to death, then cut her in small pieces so I could take the meat to my rooms, cook, and eat it. . . It took me nine days to eat her entire body.”

He intended to create panic.

But the paper he wrote was unique to where he was staying.

UNITED STATES – CIRCA 2002: Albert Fish on trial for the murder of Grace Budd, as he was taken into White Plains court. He heard his own two confessions of the crime read to jury. (Photo by Charles Hoff/NY Daily News Archive via Getty Images)

At last, the police were able to net Fish.

After his arrest, Fish was keen to recount his macabre exploits without any pressure from the police. He confessed to dozens of murders.

Psychiatrists evaluated Fish with more than ten sexual fetishes.

Fish maintained that he was carrying out God’s command to molest, kill and eat his victims.

The most brutal of Fish’s detailed confessions was the victim Billy Gaffney.

“I whipped his bare behind till the blood ran from his legs. I cut off his ears — nose — and slit his mouth from ear to ear. Gouged out his eyes. He was dead then. I stuck the knife in his belly, held my mouth to his body, and drank his blood.” 

The defense pleaded insanity, but the jury went with execution.

The Execution of Albert Fish

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On January 16, 1936, Albert Fish was executed by electric chair. He was permitted to chronicle the details of his spine-chilling abductions and murders before he died. The notes were so horrifying that Fish’s lawyer did not release them. 

His lawyer had this to say, “I will never show it to anyone. It was the most filthy string of obscenities that I have ever read.”

2. Andrei Chikatilo- The All-time Insane Cannibal Serial Killer 

The Butcher of Rostov

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Andrei Romanov Chikatilo was a Soviet serial killer who went by many tags- the Red Ripper, the Butcher of Rostov, and the Rostov Ripper. His exploits were sexual assault, murder, and mutilation of an estimated 52 women and children between1978 till his arrest in 1990.

The psychological traumas he had suffered, as child psychologists conclude, led to his gruesome transformation. Most of his victims were children and women he first sexually assaulted before killing them. This demonic trait resulted from his inability to have regular intercourse with women. This invited much ridicule and, as a result, severe psychological scarring.

The Early Years Of Andrei Chakatilo

Chikatilo was born in Yabluchne, a small village in Ukraine, Russia, on 16th October 1936. Times were hard-  the region was in the grips of a famine. Children were dying of starvation, and his family was poor. Andrei could not escape his fate. To compound things, the outbreak of World War II was devastating for the little boy. Ukraine was subject to bombing from both Germany and Russia. These events were a massive trauma for young Andrei.

Andrei suffered a condition from birth called hydrocephalus, which accumulated water on the brain. It leads to incontinence and impotence to some extent.

His father was sent to the front to fight and was captured and tortured by the Germans. He was released when the war ended, only to be arrested by the Russian army and tortured.

Constant fear dogged the family.

Emotional Instability Sets In

The branding of his father as a traitor, his sexual inadequacies, and the bullying he had to put up with within school. Sexual frustration and the ridicule of his peers, Andrei, a shy introverted, somehow concluded that sex and violence were associated. An immense rage engulfed him due to his sexual inadequacies.

Andrei was poor at academics, so he tried many jobs that did not stick after high school. Finally, he found employment as a teacher but was soon fired for groping and molesting children.

His sister came to live with him and noticed his incapability of attracting women. So she fixed up a date for Andrei. After living together for some time, they eventually married. Despite his erectile dysfunction, Andrei fathered two children.

Andrei Chikatilo Embarks on his Hideos Murder Spree

His first victim in 1978 was an adolescent girl Lena; he lured her into a shed and attempted to rape her. Unable to do so, he slashed the girl to death and ejaculated on her body.

An eyewitness had seen the victim with Andrei a few hours before her disappearance, and Chikatilo was arrested. A fake alibi from his wife secured his release.

Andrei lay low for three years. 

His second victim was a 17-year-old girl named Larisa Tkachenko. He met her outside a public library in 1981. He strangled her to death, bit off one of her nipples, and molested the lifeless body.

Later he would dismember several of his victims, removing their uteruses and nipples, which he enjoyed chewing on.

Then bloodlust took over completely; Chikatilo made no difference between sexes. His modus operandi was to engage his victims at bus and railroad stations, win their confidence, and lure them into the forest or abandoned shelter. 

He would stick a knife into his victims and ejaculate on the body. In his early killing, he gouged out his eyes because he confided to a psychologist that he did not want to see him after their death.

Russian authorities dragged themselves out of deep slumber as the body count escalated. The sheer brutality of the murders had locals believe it was the handiwork of supernaturals or werewolves. Serial killing was uncommon in the Soviet at the time. Police increased surveillance at the most affected spots, Rostov Park and the city center.

Andrei again was arrested in 1984 on the grounds of suspicious behavior at a bus stand. Furthermore, he had to be released for lack of evidence. With growing police attention, Andrei shifted to Novocherkaask in 1985, where he killed two more women.

The police, in the meanwhile, were interviewing psychiatrists, criminals, and serial killers for leads. Nothing panned out.

Andrei again went under for a few years, knowing that the trail would cool off.

In 1988, he unleashed his pent-up rage by murdering 19 women.

But alas, Andrei had arrived at the nadir of his demented life.

He was arrested again on 6th November 1990 by a sharp policeman who observed Andei’s erratic behavior. Andrei was returning from his final kill.

The Trial Of Andrei Chakatilo

The interrogation commenced in November 1990. Andrei Chikatilo denied everything. The police brought in an imminent psychiatrist, Bukhanovski.

Andrei started confessing his crimes and even led the police to the bodies. In all, he admitted to 56 killings.

The court’s sentence issued in October 1992 was execution.

On 14th February 1994, Andrei Romanowich Chikatilo was executed by a bullet to his temple in Moscow prison.

3. Luis Garavito- The Monster of Genova, Colombia

Luis Alfredo Garavito Cubillos, aka “The Beast,” was responsible for the abuse and torture of anything between 150 to 400 boys over seven years across Colombia, South America. His prey was between the ages of 6-and 16 years.

He is also known as ”Goofy” or “Trebilin.”

This horrid man still lives as I write this.

He rightly belongs to Hell.

Garavito rests in a Columbian prison. The strange part is that he is a respected inmate by his guards. Odd as he confessed to 138 victims in court, the police placed it closer to 400, going by the manner of killing.

The Monster of the Andes- Luis Garravito

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Early Years

Luis Garavito was born on January 25th, 1957. His parents were abusive. His father regularly beat up his wife, even when she was pregnant. Both parents sexually abused Garavito, and in turn, he may have abused his siblings.

His teachers regularly beat him, a practice considered normal.

At the age of twelve, Garavito claims to have had his first sexual experience, and the same year he was raped and tortured.

When he was nearly 30 years old, Garavito was fascinated by mass murders, including Hitler, which probably tipped him over the edge.

His first victim was Juan Carlos, who Garavito met in a bar and befriended. Garavito followed him when he left, purchasing a butcher’s knife en route. He lured the young Carlos as was his modus Operandi.

When the police discovered Juan Carlos’s body, the genitals were cut off, and his teeth knocked out.

The Harvest- Rape, Torture, Mutilation, and Murder of Young Boys

In 1992, Columbia was in the midst of a civil war in 1960. Thousands were rendered homeless, primarily children. They were parentless, so nobody would notice if they went missing.

It was the source of Luis Garavito’s bestial mentality as he soon realized this lapse. He lured the younger ones who were hungry with promises of food and candy. The older ones fell for his ploy of offering money and employment.

Garavito was a clever man. He used various disguises- a clergyman, a street vendor that would lull the boys into a false sense of trust. He would embark on long walks with the boys asking questions about their lives to win their confidence, a ploy to tire them and make them unwary.

He launched his savage attack then.

The Forensic Investigations Underway

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An intense session of torture, rape, and mutilation of the bodies, including biting and chopping off their genitals and stuffing them into their mouths, was Garavito’s usual method of operation. Several bodies were decapitated.

The police woke up five years after Luis Garavito’s first victim. They stumbled on two corpses with a third close by. All had their throats slit and mutilated.

The police conducted a thorough search of the area, and the police came upon a handwritten note giving away Gravito’s girlfriend’s number.

The Hunt For Luis Garavito

The hunt took off. With his sister’s permission, the police were allowed to go through his possessions. They discovered pictures of young boys and journal entries in great detail in one bag. The entries recounted the crimes and tally marks of his victims.

The pursuit of Garavito continued for many days, but the police had little luck in nailing him.

On June 22, a homeless man resting in an alleyway spotted a young boy being followed by an older man who then accosted the child.

The homeless man intervened and rescued the child, and alerted the police.

The police arrested the man on charges of rape and booked him.

At that stage, they did not realize that the man they had in custody was the Beast, Garavito.

On interrogation by the Colombian National Police, Garavito confessed to killing 147 young boys he had buried in unmarked graves. He provided the police maps of the location of these gravesites.

His stories found corroboration when a pair of glasses belonged to him at one sight. Garavito had a specific eye condition that required special glasses.

The Sentencing of Luis Garavito

In Colombia, the maximum penalty for murder is 13 years. Multiply this by 138, and Luis Garavito was sentenced to 1853 years and nine days.

However, since Garavito had helped the police recover the bodies, his sentence was reduced to 22 years.

This let off raised an enormous cry of denouncement by the Colombian people.

A judge has revoked his scheduled release from prison in 2021 because the victims are yet to be compensated.

He may be out on parole in 2013.

4. The Devil Of The Andes- Pedro Lopez

Pedro Alonso Lopez was born on 8th October 1948 in Santa Isabel, Colombia. Holding the epithet of Monster of the Andes, Pedro Lopez was a prolific serial killer- His known tally is over 300 little girls in many South American countries.

Pedro was finally apprehended, tried, and declared insane. He was put away in a mental asylum.

Lopez’s good behavior secured his release in 1998. But, unfortunately, after that, he vanished and has never been found.

The Devil Of The Andes- Pedro Lopez

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His Tumultuous Early Years-The Making of A Monster

Pedro Lopez’s father, Midardo Reyes, was a member of the Columbian Conservative Party during Colombia’s civil war.

After a fight with his wife one night, Midardo left home. After that, he lived with a prostitute named Belinda Lopez de Casteneda, spending the evenings with her. Belinda soon discovered that she was pregnant with Reyes’s child. Three months along, Reyes was killed by a rebellious mob.

Pedro Lopez was born six months later, the seventh of Belinda’s thirteen offspring.

Growing up with a prostitute mom exposed the young Lopez to many acts of prostitution, which he would claim later scarred his psyche. For example, when he was eight years old, his mother caught Pedro sexually assaulting his younger sister. As a result, Belinda kicked him out of the house.

Pedro made his way to the Colombian capital Bogota.

In Bogota, he befriended a kindly older man who was not so kind. He took Lopez to an abandoned building and repeatedly sodomized him.

He joined a gang of street children as protection from further predation. The gang indulged in petty crime and smoking a cocaine derivative. He spent four years on the streets.

At the age of twelve, an American family took pity on him and got him enrolled in an orphanage. He lasted there two years before running away. He later claimed that a male teacher sexually assaulted him.

By the time he was eighteen years, Lopez was into stealing cars and selling them to chop shops. Finally, he was apprehended by the police and sent to prison.

The Origins of Pedro Lopez’s Bloodthirst.

In prison as a newcomer, Pedro claimed he was viciously gang-raped. He remembered the faces of his attackers and systematically hunted and murdered each one of them before his release from prison. Pedro had tasted blood for the first time.

On his release from prison, Pedro discovered his appetite for young girls.

Pedro embarked on a spree of abducting, raping, and killing little girls in Peru’s villages. He allegedly had notched up 100 kills by 1978.

He was caught in the act by a native tribe where such a crime spelled execution. He was buried up to his neck, and syrup was poured over his head so that ants would eat him alive. The intervention of an American missionary saved Pedro’s life. The missionary pleaded with the tribe’s elders that he should be handed over to the police.

Inexplicably, the police freed Pedro after the missionary departed.

After this close brush with Peruvian police, Pedro relocated to Colombia, continuing with his depravations. Later on, he moved to Ecuador, where his dark deeds accelerated. He would later brag that he liked Ecuadorian girls because they were innocent and trusting. He was averaging three victims a week.

Some Of Pedro Lopez’s Victims

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Curtains For Pedro Lopez

Pedro Lopez in Jail

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In Colombia, the maximum penalty for murder is 13 years. Multiply this by 138, and Luis Garavito was sentenced to 1853 years and nine days.

However, since Garavito had helped the police recover the bodies, his sentence was reduced to 22 years.

This let off raised an enormous cry of denouncement by the Colombian people.

A judge has revoked his scheduled release from prison in 2021 because the victims are yet to be compensated.

He may be out on parole in 2013.

5. The Man-eater of Duisburg-Joachim Kroll

Unable to conceal their crimes effectively, a small number of mentally disabled serial killers are apprehended quickly by the authorities. Joachim Kroll proved an exception. With a low IQ of 76, this mentally retarded man evaded capture for 21 years. Low IQ serial killers usually perpetrate their crimes with another more capable person. Kroll worked solo. The police were hunting for a more intelligent man and not a seriously below-average individual of third-grade intelligence.

Joachim Kroll, the eighth son of a mining family, was born on April 17th, 1933, in Hindenburg in the Upper Silesia region of Germany.

Joachim Kroll

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Early Years

Kroll was a constant bed-wetter, which developed low self-esteem and possibly impotence.

His father was killed in World War II, after which the family moved into a small two-room apartment which Joachim shared with his seven siblings.

He attended school for just five years before dropping out and moving to the family farm to work there. He lived there with his mother till he was 22 years of age primarily because he found it difficult to live independently.

Kroll shifted to Duisburg,  a suburban locality of Laar in the northwestern part of Germany. In 1955 his mother died, and Kroll started working as a lavatory assistant. 

The local children knew him as “Uncle Joachim” because of the candy, dolls, and beautiful toys he kept in his apartment. He would invite all the children to his flat as he felt they were his true friends. He especially liked the little girls who he treated as his nieces.

The children never saw his collection of inflatable dolls hidden in his home. Instead, to quench his sexual urges, Kroll used the dolls to practice strangulation.

Kroll’s Doll Collection

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Joachim Kroll’s Descent Into Hell

Three weeks after the death of his mother in January 1955, Kroll had a psychotic episode that compelled him to murder. He lured an attractive and outgoing 19-year-old, Imgard Strehl, to a barn close to the village of Walstedde with the promise of a valuable gift. There he stabbed her in the neck and strangled her. He was incapable of having intercourse with women while she was alive. He then heinously raped her dead body repeatedly. Once done, he disemboweled the body using a long butchering knife. She was found five days later.

By 1966, Kroll had killed seven more women. Apart from strangulation and rape, police found pieces of flesh had been cut away. The police put it down to an act of mutilation, not knowing that Kroll was eating the human meat of his victims. The bodies of the victims had been skinned to surgical perfection. 

The police found it impossible to track down the murderer because Kroll carried out his dastardly crimes in an erratic method. Firstly they were committed in different parts of Germany. Secondly, the methods used in the murders were strangling, knifing, and smothering, throwing up other profiles of several men, none of whom fitted the description of Kroll. Also, it was not always that Kroll cut out the flesh from his victims confounding the police into believing a different person was responsible.

In December 1966, Kroll killed Ilona Harke, a 5-year-old, by drowning her, which he was curious about. This new method of killing left the police more confused.

Manuela Knodt, a 16-year-old from Essen, was one of his victims. Kroll had cut away steak-sized pieces of flesh from her buttocks. 

The fallout of his vile deeds was that the police arrested and jailed other men for the crimes. Many of them committed suicide out of shame and public taunting. 

Ten years passed with Kroll remaining passive. Then in 1976, Kroll murdered Marion Ketter, a sweet child with a fondness for “Uncle Joachim’s” abundance of candy. He decided to make a meal of her.

The Arrest And Horrific Confession of Joachim Kroll

The apprehension of Joachim was not because of excellent detective work but because he had stuffed the toilet with body parts.

Kroll stuffed the toilet with many of Mario’s innards clogging it. He told his neighbor Oscar Muller not to use the upper floor toilet which was common casually adding, “It is stuffed with guts.” When Oscar peered into the toilet he found it bloody and tissue floating. A plumber accompanied by the police arrived. All the parts in the toilet were removed and placed in a bucket. The police were called in. they immediately recognized that they were seeing the internal organs of a child. They correctly surmised it was the missing child Marion.

At first, Kroll rejected the allegations of the police. Then he casually showed them the stew he was cooking. Along with the peas and carrots, a little hand was also one of the ingredients.

The police searched his apartment. They found pieces of human flesh in the refrigerator.

Kroll did not put up any resistance when arrested.

Joachim Kroll, a runt of a man, bespectacled, diminutive in size, balding, and with large ears that protruded out confessed to killing 14 women between the ages of four and sixty-one. He said it could be more or less as his memory was not good. He raped his victims post mortem and then took pieces of their flesh. 

Kroll blamed his witnessing the slaughter of pigs on the farm as having left a painful scar on his mind. Secondly, meat was too expensive and he found the tender flesh of young meals made an excellent meal.

“Uncle Joachim” was perceived by many as a kind and decent man though obviously mentally disabled.

Kroll did not show any regret or remorse. Psychiatrists found him to be sadistic sexually. Kroll suffered from psychopathic thinking. Such individuals are aware of the consequences of their actions but are unable to learn from them.

Capital punishment was abolished in Germany after World War II. Kroll stood trial and was sentenced to nine consecutive life sentences.

The infamous Ruhr hunter died in Reinbach prison of cardiac failure at the age of 58.

6. The Granny Cannibal- Tamara Samsonova

The Russian Press had dubbed Tamara Samsonova as the “Granny Ripper” and “Baba Yaga.” She meticulously maintained a journal where she had narrated her killings and cannibalism. She would dismember the bodies, extract and eat the lungs of her victims.

The Granny Cannibal- Tamara Samsonova

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Tamara’s Early Years

Tamara Mitro Samsonova was born in Uzhur, now part of Krasnoyarsk Krai, Russia on April 25th in 1947.

After graduation, she went o to study linguistics at Moscow State University. Thereafter she moved to St.Petersburg and married Alexei Samsonov.

For a few years, she worked for the Intourist Travel Agency.

In 2000 Tamara’s husband went missing. She made a police complaint but all efforts to find Alexei came to a dead end.

The Chilling Crimes Of Tamara Samsonova

Tamara’s vicims included neighbors, tenants, and her own husband Alexei.

Post her husband’s disappearance, Tamara let out a room. Investigators uncovered that on September 3rd, 2003, after a quarrel with the tenant, a 44 year old man whoso resided in Norilsk, she killed and dismembered his body. These were disposed in the streets.

In 2015, Tamara met 79 year old Valentina Ulanova.

A common friend had equested Ulanova to shelter Sansonova whose house was under renovation. Tamara lived in Ulanova’s apartment for many months helping with housework. Tamara took to living in the house even refusing to leave. The relationship got strained and finally Ulanova asked Tamara to leave. Tamara decide to do away with Ulanova ultimately poisoning her.She thencut off Ulanova’s head while she was still alive. The torso she disposed of in a pond near St.Petersburg but the severed head was never found.

Tamara with the head of Ulanova

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The Arrest And Confession of Tamara Samsonova

The police arrested Tamara soon after Ulanova went missing. Her murders were recorded in chilling detail in a diary.

She had murdered 14 people. In one sample diary entry, Tamara recounts:


“I killed my tenant called Volodya, cut him up into little pieces in the bath with a knife, put the bits of the body into plastic bags, and scattered them all over Fruzensky district.”

At her court appearance, she brazenly blew kisses at the press and told the magistrate:

“I did it because I wanted to be known as a serial killer. It was deliberate. I have been waiting ten years for this day. I am a very old lady, and have nowhere to live, so I decided to go to prison. I will die there and the State will bury me. It is such a disgrace for me. I am guilty and deserve to be punished.”

The Sentencing of Tamara Samsonova

Tamara had schizophrenia and had been hospitalized three times for treatment. She was subjected to a forensic psychiatric examination in 2015, the results determining that she was a danger to herself and society. As a result, she was incarcerated in a particular institution pending ongoing investigations.

She was placed in a specialized institution in Kazan for compulsory psychiatric treatment the same year.

She is still there alive awaiting trial.

7. The “Krasnodar Cannibal Couple” 

Evil in Tandem

The horrific depravities of Natalia Baksheeva and Dmitry Bakshhev came to light when road repairing workers laying asphalt in Krasnodar, Moscow, stumbled on a discarded cellphone and started swiping through the photos. It was Dmitry’s phone which he had lost. They saw macabre snaps of a man with body parts stuffed into his mouth, Dmitry holding a severed hand in his mouth, and other damning evidence.

The police, using advanced technology, traced the phone to Dmitry Baksheev.

Brief Profiles

Dmitry Bakshhev was born on January 28th, 1982, and Natalia Baksheevaon 25th January 1975. They got to know each other and lived in a dormitory that Natalia had inherited. Neighbors recall them as an anti-social couple who never mixed around.

Natalia had a chronic drinking problem that accelerated after the death of her first husband at the age of 32. Clearly, she had psychometric disorders as she was in and out of psychiatric hospitalization.Somewhere inbetween Dmitry became her partner.

Not much else  is known.

It all started one casual evening when the couple had Elana Vakhrusheva, a young girl, over for an evening of alcohol and banter. The two women got into a spat over something and Natalia screamed at Dmitry, “Kill her, kill her.” Dmitry didn’t stop for a minute and with Natalia’s help, they stabbed Elana to death. The body was then dismembered and kept in a few pieces, the rest was disposed of at various locations in the neighborhood.

The Catch

The investigations shed light on some of the most unimaginably terrible cannibalistic deeds of the couple. The victim usually was still alive heavily sedated while being skillfully skinned. The corpse was chopped up and the various body parts were immersed in jars of brine.

The couple confessed to having killed around 30 people during the last decade and consumed them. It is unofficially reported that 19 human skin, around seven human body parts, snaps of eerie recipes, cookery tips, mammary glands, and other foul evidence.

Strangely Russian Investigators in spite of the overwhelming evidence, found the couple of only one crime, the murder of Elana Vakhrusheva.

The Sentance

Natalia was sentenced to just two years in 2018 in goal and already for parole. As for Dmitry,he died in the prison of Diabetes.

Drawing the Bloody Curtains 

Writing this piece has been much wearing on me. I seem to unearth an endless lot of fiends.

What is the the common thread? Genes? Na!

No individual human has been known to have a liking for the flesh of his own kind.

Even in the animal world, killing of the weakest of the litter is better for the bloodline.

Then why these human monsters? 

I feel they were not born with these traits.

What’s your take? 


It appears that this is the point where Fish’s homicidal call emerged.

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