Yakshas are nature spirits. Yakshinis are the consorts of Yakshas, the chief among them being Kubera, the God of Wealth who ruled over the mythical kingdom of Alaka high up in the Himalayas.

Yakshinis are generally benevolent but tend to caprice and mischief. They can even be murderous. They are the custodians of the bounties of the Earth. They make just that difference to show humanity that the environment is not the sole preserve of humans.

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Yakshas and Yakshinis. What are they?

Evil imps is one association.

Born by night, yakshas are considered bloodthirst. Their ruler, Kuber was half brother to Ravanna, a rogue Rakshasa (demon) who lorded over todays Srilanka. The yakshas are generally depicted as pot-bellied, short statured men.

But Yakshinis are normally deicted as sensual, voluptouus women. Why is that?

Yakshinis Or Yakshis | Dieties Or Vengeful Embodiments

Many temples in India venerate Yaksinis as deities.

But Yakshinis are family godesses. They are usaully placed in places such as prayer rooms, grain storage areas, wells, as well as in forests.

Broadly there are around 32 avatars of Yakshinis.

Not all Yakshinis are Docile Women | They Can Destroy Too

The emphatic message here is don’t mess with the environment. Yakshinas are around.




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